Biomedical image analysis

Within IST/e biomedical image analysis focuses on the extraction of quantitative and visually informative representations from signals and images. The emphasis is on the use of mathematically rigorous and robust alghorithms for clinical and biomedical applications pertaining to the central themes of IST/e.

The Biomedical Image Analysis group headed by professor Bart ter Haar Romeny, assistant professor Anna Vilanova and parttime professor Marcel Breeuwer focuses on applications within the cardio and neuro themes of IST/e, based primarily on non-invasive MRI protocols. In addition, an Open Source research platform for visualization and visual exploration of complex, multi-valued data is being developed.

The Signal Processing Systems group headed by professor Jan Bergmans, associate professor Massimo Mischi and assistant professor Hans van Assen studies signal processing applications within the cardio and onco themes of IST/e, using various acquisition techniques, such as contrast-enhanced ultrasonography and MRI, fetal electrocardiography, electromyography, and electrohysterography.

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